We support Investment Professionals in all aspects of retirement plan management

Financial Advisor Support

There is no one that works harder for Financial Advisors, plain and simple.  We understand and value the combined efforts of the Financial Advisor, Vendor and TPA. That’s why we provide tools, information and advice to all our partners. 

Support Team

A dedicated team of four PDCers focused on nothing but our Advisor Partners and the sales support they need.

Tools and Materials

Custom and proprietary sales materials built to improve outcomes and assist in the sales process. Including: Vendor Benchmarking, Investment Analysis, Fee Comparisons, Sales Collateral, Design Illustrations, Point of Sale Presentation and Support Materials.

Advisor Education

A library of over 200 Retireholics episodes and ongoing new live streams with peer driven chat-bar conversations and current events content curated for Retirement Plan Advisors.

True Partnership

We believe that retirement plans can only be successful with a Plan Advisor at the helm. Everything we do is built around this premise of supporting the Advisor community, a true partnership.

“The PDC Sales team is like the no other. The response time, sales support and overall industry knowledge is top notch. Their efforts improve my success in closing new business in a big way.”

PDC sales team

Plan Design Consultants stand ready and able to support our Financial Advisor partners. Our team is trained in plan design specifics, customized solutions, vendor comparisons, and current rules and legislation. Reach out to start working together.

Chad Johansen

Sales Director
[email protected]

Justin MacNeil

Sales Consultant
[email protected]

Mark Palmini

Sales Consultant
[email protected]

Devin Windell

Internal Sales Consultant
[email protected]